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  • Glass replacement.
    • Remove screws from one end and gently remove hardwood frame end.
    • Carefully remove glass.
    • You will notice the glass grooves have tiny inserts glued in place.  These are to cushion the glass while allowing room for expansion/contraction of the wood frame.  If necessary (due to slight difference in replacement glass size), these inserts can be removed as they are only held in place with a dot of glue at each end.
    • Carefully slide new glass into place.
    • Replace the frame end and screws.
      • Glass sizes
      • 11×14 frame glass is 13 3/8″ x 16 3/8″ and is “double strength” 1/8″ thick.
        • 14×20 frame glass is 16 3/8″ x 22 3/8″ and is “double strength” 1/8″ thick.
        • 20×24 frame glass is 22 3/8″ x 26 3/8″ and is “double strength” 1/8″ thick. (may change to 1/4″ after more testing)

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  • Hardwood Spring Latch
    • The spring latches that hold the back in place are made of hardwood.
    • Be sure to store them in the groove turned over with the spacer block away from the back to insure they will remain flat.  Otherwise they may become permanently bowed and not exert the proper amount of pressure.
    • The spring latches can be moved closer or further away from the center which may allow a very small amount of artistic smoothing of detail away from the spring latch.
    • If, over time the spring latches loosen, (we have never found the need) a piece of mat board or felt can be added to the spring latch spacer block to increase pressure.  You can always order new ones if you wish.



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