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Hardwood Split Back Contact Printing Frames for Alternative Processes in Photography

    •  Hardwood frames and springs
    • 1/2 inch high quality plywood back lined with felt
    • 1/8 inch (double strength) glass
    • Captive Glass – Glass is held in grooves and cannot fall out
    • Replaceable glass (frame end is removable for glass replacement)
    • Frames are 2 inches larger than paper size (one inch border all around)
    • Available in 3 sizes
      • 11×14 (13×16 actual) $155.00 plus shipping
      • 16×20 (18×22 actual) $185.00 plus shipping (special order)
      • 20×24 (22×26 actual) $245.00 plus shipping (special order)

 *note: Felt color may vary.


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